DIY Sharpie Mug

me and my ‘moustache’.

I’m an avid Pinterest user (read: completely obsessed).  While it is a great way to get inspired and to discover new projects I also find that I tend to spend hours pinning great ideas only to forget about them the following day.  However, I am determined that my time spent on Pinterest should not go to waste.  As it is finally summer and uni work is no longer taking up all my time I have decided to actually try a few of these projects.

I’ve been loving the look of the sharpie dishes floating around on Pinterest and also lusting after Urban Outfitters’s Moustache Mugs, so decided to combine the two ideas in order to make my own moustache mug using the Sharpie technique.

I followed the tutorial from A Beautiful Mess which basically calls for drawing on the dish with the Sharpie and then baking in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees  (180 Celsius).  I just printed out a suitable picture of a moustache to use as a template

Here is the finished result:

my finished mug.

Although the finished result is pretty successful (after baking the pen didn’t rub off), I’m still a bit iffy as to whether it will hold up to numerous washes so I have decided to use the mug to hold my makeup brushes where I can avoid washing it all the time.  I’ve since gone out and purchased Marabu Porcelain Painter Pens, which are supposed to be dishwasher safe, and I will definitely be trying this project again in order to make a more heavy-duty mug.


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