Simple Song Lyric Wall Art

‘I wish the world was flat like the old days then I could travel just by folding a map.  No more airplanes or speed-trains or freeways.  There’d be no distance that could hold us back’ – ‘The New Year’, Death Cab for Cutie

As I’ve just started a new job I’ve had very little time to do anything remotely interesting this week, so I’ve decided to share something that I made a while ago.  I wanted to fill an empty space on my living room wall, but didn’t have the funds to buy something.  Seeing as I had two plain canvases lying around I decided to use them to make some song lyric wall art:

I have to admit that I was once again inspired by a Pinterest find, these pictures, that were seemingly made by attaching wooden letters to a small canvas and then painted over with a neutral colour.  I loved the simplicity of them and the three-dimensional effect that the letters created, so I created my own version.

the finished product.

I couldn’t find wooden letters anywhere, but was able to find flatter, and much larger, cardboard letters (which were all mixed together in a bargain bin and look about 2 hours of searching to find).  I began by laying out the letters to spell out the lyrics and then just glued them on the canvases, waited for the glue to dry, and applied about 5 layers of acrylic paint to get everything to the same shade of white.

the arranged letters.

I am really pleased with the overall effect, although my inferior photos don’t really do it justice.  Such a simple technique really makes a big impression.  I’ve even had a few people thinking that I carved them!


2 thoughts on “Simple Song Lyric Wall Art

  1. Just happened to have a couple plain canvases laying around? lol
    How’d you decide on which lyrics to use? There are a bunch of good ones out there, and you managed to get the letters to fit perfectly on the two canvases (canvi?). Well done! 😀

    • I got four canvases for my birthday a few years ago and only used two of them! So yeah I did have them lying around 😛 I think I just had them in my head at the time and decided to use them. Such planning.

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