Farm Friends Felt Finger Puppets

This week seemed to last forever, so by the time my day off rolled around I need some crafting therapy.  These adorable finger puppets seemed like the perfect project.

Although I was supposed to be helping to make them for a story time, they were so cute that I ended up making a couple for myself.  The pattern and instructions are from Floral Blossom’s Etsy store  (both from the Farm Friends pack which can be found here).

These were relatively simple to make, but as I’m not particularly good at sewing by hand or at cutting in a straight line, there is definitely room for improvement.  Both the pig and the sheep were made from various colours of felt, the faces stuffed with cotton and little back beads used for eyes.  I recon if these were fully stuffed they would make cute decorations for the Christmas tree and I just might try this out nearer Christmas time!

How To: DIY Cork Board

DIY cork board.

A couple of weeks ago, I helped my mum sort through my brother’s (incredibly!) messy bedroom.  While tidying, I came across an old cork bulletin board and claimed it for myself.  It was a little boring, and the blue frame didn’t match anything in my flat, but it had potential.


I revamped the old board by painting the frame a bright white and by adding stripes of the same colour.  I wasn’t sure if painting onto cork would work, but after a google search and finding this great post from The Happy Home I was reassured.

Here’s how I made it:

The frame had a plasticy finish, so I began by sanding down the frame so that the paint would stick to it.

sanded down.

I then measured the board and divided it up into sections to create the stripes.  I used masking tape to section off the bits that I wanted to remain cork coloured.

divided up into sections.

I then painted between the masking tape sections with bright white acrylic paint.  It took several coats of paint to properly cover up the cork.


While the stripes were dying, I also added several coats of the same paint to the frame.  I toyed with painting the frame a different colour, but decided that I preferred the uniform colour scheme.

Once the paint was dry, I carefully peeled off the tape to reveal the stripes.  I found that the paint bled a little, but not obviously so.

bright white.

And ta-da.  All done!  Here is the finished result:

hanging on the wall.

close up.


felt bears for a story time.

Last week, I had the chance to help out Library Quine with preparing an activity for her Soft Toy Sleepover.  You can check out her post (including the rhyme and pictures of the whole activity) here.

We ended up cutting out a bunch of teddy bears so that each participant would have a chance to bring one up to the front and I think they are ADORABLE.  They are made of felt and the faces drawn on with paint pens.  I’m especially fond of the green one on the top row who ended up looking a little chubby in comparison to the rest.  I wish my job was this fun!

red ted.


Chocolate Chunk Cookies

fresh from the oven.

While I enjoy cooking, because of uni and work I find that I usually tend to stick to easy dishes with simple ingredients.  However, as I had a day off work, I was looking forward to some kitchen time.  I’m a sucker for a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie, so when I came across this recipe from claiming to be the ‘best big fat chewy chocolate chip cookie’, I knew I would have to give into temptation and try it out.

While following the recipe, I made a few little changes.  Instead of 2 cups of chocolate chips I cut up a whole bar of milk chocolate, as I prefer bigger chocolate chunks to chocolate chips.  I also ended up baking the cookies for only 12 to 14 minutes rather than 15 to 17 the recipe suggests in order to make them gooey and soft, rather than crispy.

chunks of milk chocolate.

As the recipe made about 18 cookies I only baked a few on the first day and left the rest of the dough to chill in the fridge to bake later on in the week.  I actually found the dough that was chilled for a few days made much better cookies than the ones that were cooked immediately.  So if you can bear to wait for your cookies, I recommend doing this.

the dough.

folding in the chocolate chunks.

These turned out so well, I think I need to give a few away to stop myself from eating them all in one go!

yum yum.

Bunting Birthday Card

bunting birthday card.

close up of flags.

Unsurprisingly,  I have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to pretty cards and creative ways to wrap presents (you can see it here).  I was at home this weekend and realised that as my Grandma’s birthday was coming up I would have to get crafting.  I thought the pretty bunting cards in pastel colours from this blog would do the trick and decided to make my own version.

I started by cutting out out triangles from different bits of pretty scrapbook paper for the flags, and a bit of hot pink ribbon for the string.  While I love the look created by sewing the flags onto the card on the original version, I didn’t feel like getting the sewing machine out, so used the ribbon instead.

The ribbon was then glued onto the card and the flags on top of the the ribbon. The flags were only attached at the top to create the three dimensional effect once slightly bent.  I cut the ends of the ribbon to fit the card after the glue had dried.

gluing on the flags.

After creating one line of flags and adding the text, the card was looking a little empty so I decided it needed another row across the bottom of the card with smaller flags.

second row.

I also added a line of ribbon to the envelope to tie it in with the rest of the card.


The Little Things…

It’s been a grey, miserable and incredibly LONG week and I’ve still got a whole day of work to go.  I’ve been working on a new project, but as it is taking some time to complete, I thought I would share a few of the little things that have been keeping me happy this week.

Paperchase postcards.

Cute and colourful postcards to decorate the project I’ve been working on.

bright peach heart nails.

Peach and grey nails with a little heart to brighten up the gloomy week.

washer bracelet.

A washer bracelet to layer with other bracelets.  A simple, two minute DIY.

DIY Dandelion Candle Holder

dandelion candle.

I mentioned when I posted the DIY Moustache Mug that I had purchased Marabu Porcelain Painter Pens in order to reattempt the project properly.   I wanted to try them out before using them on my last plain mug, so, as they claimed to work on both porcelain and glass I decided to try them out on my plain-looking vanilla Ikea candle and I really like the finished result.


Basically, you just draw your design on a clean porcelain or glass surface and leave it to dry for three days maximum.  It should then be safe to wash in the dishwasher, unlike items decorated using the baked Sharpie technique (obviously, I didn’t try this out with my candle – it would have ended badly!).  I’m really impressed with these pens and only just resisting the urge to decorate everything in my flat!

on my shelf.

marabu porcelain painter.