DIY Dandelion Candle Holder

dandelion candle.

I mentioned when I posted the DIY Moustache Mug that I had purchased Marabu Porcelain Painter Pens in order to reattempt the project properly.   I wanted to try them out before using them on my last plain mug, so, as they claimed to work on both porcelain and glass I decided to try them out on my plain-looking vanilla Ikea candle and I really like the finished result.


Basically, you just draw your design on a clean porcelain or glass surface and leave it to dry for three days maximum.  It should then be safe to wash in the dishwasher, unlike items decorated using the baked Sharpie technique (obviously, I didn’t try this out with my candle – it would have ended badly!).  I’m really impressed with these pens and only just resisting the urge to decorate everything in my flat!

on my shelf.

marabu porcelain painter.


6 thoughts on “DIY Dandelion Candle Holder

  1. Thanks! They were just like a normal pen to use once I got the ink to come out. Just had to be careful not to smudge them as they dry fast and there is not way of cleaning up little mistakes.

  2. 3 days maximum? What happens if you let it dry longer than that??

    Another cool project well done! I feel like you could decorate shot glasses or regular glasses this way too! If it doesn’t require baking, and you’re feeling sure of yourself, you could do your windows as well.

    So what’s your next project? Making a sweater and monocle for Beckett?

    • Haha I meant for up to three days. Mine dried much quicker through. It doesn’t explode or anything if you leave it to dry for any longer. Stop making fun of the things I write 😛

      Yeah, I think glasses would a be cool idea. Or even plates and bowls?

      I’m almost done with my next project. Not nearly as exciting as your suggestion, but I’ll post it anyway!

      • Sorry, but there was nothing else to make fun of! The project was spiffy, and I want to see more of them!

        yes to plates and bowls!

        And you should still do the sweater/monocle thing! It’ll be classy!

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