Bunting Birthday Card

bunting birthday card.

close up of flags.

Unsurprisingly,  I have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to pretty cards and creative ways to wrap presents (you can see it here).  I was at home this weekend and realised that as my Grandma’s birthday was coming up I would have to get crafting.  I thought the pretty bunting cards in pastel colours from this blog would do the trick and decided to make my own version.

I started by cutting out out triangles from different bits of pretty scrapbook paper for the flags, and a bit of hot pink ribbon for the string.  While I love the look created by sewing the flags onto the card on the original version, I didn’t feel like getting the sewing machine out, so used the ribbon instead.

The ribbon was then glued onto the card and the flags on top of the the ribbon. The flags were only attached at the top to create the three dimensional effect once slightly bent.  I cut the ends of the ribbon to fit the card after the glue had dried.

gluing on the flags.

After creating one line of flags and adding the text, the card was looking a little empty so I decided it needed another row across the bottom of the card with smaller flags.

second row.

I also added a line of ribbon to the envelope to tie it in with the rest of the card.



8 thoughts on “Bunting Birthday Card

  1. If you put the bottom flags facing upwards you can make it look like a shark eating the words “happy birthday”. Something tells me your way is better though. Very cool.

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