Chocolate Chunk Cookies

fresh from the oven.

While I enjoy cooking, because of uni and work I find that I usually tend to stick to easy dishes with simple ingredients.  However, as I had a day off work, I was looking forward to some kitchen time.  I’m a sucker for a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie, so when I came across this recipe from claiming to be the ‘best big fat chewy chocolate chip cookie’, I knew I would have to give into temptation and try it out.

While following the recipe, I made a few little changes.  Instead of 2 cups of chocolate chips I cut up a whole bar of milk chocolate, as I prefer bigger chocolate chunks to chocolate chips.  I also ended up baking the cookies for only 12 to 14 minutes rather than 15 to 17 the recipe suggests in order to make them gooey and soft, rather than crispy.

chunks of milk chocolate.

As the recipe made about 18 cookies I only baked a few on the first day and left the rest of the dough to chill in the fridge to bake later on in the week.  I actually found the dough that was chilled for a few days made much better cookies than the ones that were cooked immediately.  So if you can bear to wait for your cookies, I recommend doing this.

the dough.

folding in the chocolate chunks.

These turned out so well, I think I need to give a few away to stop myself from eating them all in one go!

yum yum.


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