Farm Friends Felt Finger Puppets

This week seemed to last forever, so by the time my day off rolled around I need some crafting therapy.  These adorable finger puppets seemed like the perfect project.

Although I was supposed to be helping to make them for a story time, they were so cute that I ended up making a couple for myself.  The pattern and instructions are from Floral Blossom’s Etsy store  (both from the Farm Friends pack which can be found here).

These were relatively simple to make, but as I’m not particularly good at sewing by hand or at cutting in a straight line, there is definitely room for improvement.  Both the pig and the sheep were made from various colours of felt, the faces stuffed with cotton and little back beads used for eyes.  I recon if these were fully stuffed they would make cute decorations for the Christmas tree and I just might try this out nearer Christmas time!


5 thoughts on “Farm Friends Felt Finger Puppets

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