DIY Plant Pots


One of my goals for the summer is to work my way through my Pinterest board of inspiring DIYS.  I loved the look of these colour-block terra cotta pots from and after finding the perfect plants at the garden centre I figured I would give it a go.

I followed the original how-to more or less, making a couple of changes and using my own colour scheme (I’m loving purple and grey at the moment!).

Unlike the original poster, I didn’t trust myself to paint a straight line and my original plan to use masking tape failed due to the curve of the pots.  Instead, I used an elastic band stretched around the pot to create an almost-perfectly straight line.

I’m now determined to try my best to keep these plants alive.  Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “DIY Plant Pots

  1. You’re so crafty! It’s awesome.

    I wish your After Pic wasn’t so dark though! Makes it look like it should almost be the other way around. Add some contrast! I’m digging the final product though 😀

      • I was happy reading it the first time! And I understand the sun doesn’t always do what you want it to, especially in scotland lol. But yes, it looks better now!

        Have you named the plants yet? You could put their names on the side? Maybe right on the line if you want to be fancy, and reverse colors. Purple/grey upper half, white lower half. Just an idear.

        I think I have decided on Immanual for my car (I’m-manual), and of course Manny for short.

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