This isn’t a DIY or anything that I have made myself, but I just wanted to share something exciting happening at my work with you.  The Edinburgh Book Sculptures are now touring several libraries across Scotland.

The artist, who still remains anonymous, left the sculptures to be discovered in various institutions across Edinburgh, claiming that they were a gift in support of ‘libraries, books, words, and ideas’.  If I could create anything even half as amazing as these I would never be able to keep my mouth shut about it, but I think that the artist remaining unknown brings a real sense of mystery to the works of art.  I think these sculptures are so inspiring.  They are so amazingly detailed and beautiful and perfectly capture the excitement of literature and the magic of getting lost in a good book.

If you get the chance I would definitely recommend checking them out as they look so much more impressive in person that in the photographs I’ve seen on the web.  Here’s some more information from The Scottish Poetry Library for those interested: Gifted: The Edinburgh Book Sculptures on Tour 2012

Also, great pictures available here.


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