DIY Moustache Tote Bag

Sometimes DIYs go wrong.  I found this out today when I started what I thought would be a simple tote bag DIY.  I think I may have managed to rescue it though, which I am pleased about.  I’m pretty sure this would have turned out fine if the T-shirt transfer paper I had used wasn’t over 5 years old.  I figured I would share the DIY anyway as it didn’t turn out too horribly in the end!

The first problem was when I realised the writing on the back of the paper transferred along with the design.  I tried to fix this problem by turning the iron down a little, but only half of the moustaches I ironed on after came out complete.  I also found that using an ordinary sized iron made it almost impossible to place the separate moustaches close together.  Because of this, I burnt the edges of several of them.  Eeeek!  Luckily, I managed to scrape the bits of failed moustache off and tried again, filling in the bits that were burnt or just didn’t stick at all with a fabric pen.

It isn’t perfect, but it will do.  If I were to ever try this again, I would just paint the design on.  It was far too much hassle using the iron on transfer paper.  However, I love the design and the bag looks pretty acceptable from further away!


4 thoughts on “DIY Moustache Tote Bag

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