How-To: DIY Cork Stamps (Take 2)

A couple of weeks ago I shared some stationary I made using a stamp fashioned from a wine cork.  This week, while working on another project I stumbled across an easier way to make to my own stamps out of cork and thought I would share.

What you need:

  • Cork board (I used some scrap cork from another project)
  • PVA glue
  • Craft knife
  • A pen or pencil to draw your design

How to make your own cork stamp:

1.  Draw or trace your design onto the cork.  I went for something simple, a moustache, as my cutting skills are not really top notch.

2.  Cut around the design with the craft knife (be careful not to cut yourself!).

3.  Cut a square or rectangle backing from the cork big enough to act as a base for the stamp, but not too big that you can’t tell where you are placing the design.

4.  Apply the PVA glue to both the backing and the design, allow to dry slightly and then press together.  Leave to dry before attempting to stamp anything.

5.  Start stamping!

And there you go, really simple and very effective.  I found it so much easier than trying to carve anything out of a tiny wine cork.


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