Bedroom Makeover: Wall Art

I’ve recently painted my walls the loveliest shade of grey (insert 50 Shades jokes here), but there was something missing.  My room has a little cubby hole, where I used to have a mirror.  When I painted the walls, I took the mirror down but needed something to go up in it’s place.  I decided that some wall art would do the trick and found this dandelion one at Abode Wall Art.  I debated about getting it in black, but eventually decided upon charcoal grey instead.

I’m really impressed with the finished result.  For the price it was, I was expecting a shiny sticker that would just peel off and stick to the wall.  This one used a backing and a layer of transfer paper  to stick the separate parts to the wall.  Although the process took a bit longer, it defiantly was worth the time.  The transfer is so flat that it looks like it’s been painted on.  The charcoal grey colour ties in perfectly with the rest of my room and looks much more understated than it would in black.

It is never bright enough in my room  for well-lit photos, so excuse the poor quality of the pictures.


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