DIY Studded Shorts

I have been neglecting my poor blog lately due to an onslaught of reading for uni, but I made up for it today by standing out in the cold to take pictures for this project that I should have finished when the weather was actually nice.

I’m still completely obsessed with studs and when I found these shorts on sale for only £10, I thought they would be the perfect base for a studded shorts experiment.  I only later realised that the denim was not thick enough to hold the studs, but worked around the problem by only studding areas with several layers of denim.  My original plan was to cover the whole of the back pocket, but this was the best I could do.

What you need:

1.  A pair of plain shorts (with thicker denim than my Topshop ones preferably)

2.  Silver pyramid studs

3.  A craft knife

4.  A bit of polystyrene or cork (I snapped off a bit from the base of a frozen pizza)

5.  Pliers

How t0:

1.  Place the polystyrene behind the area you want to stud to stop the knife or the studs from going all the way through.  Make two small cuts with the knife where you want to place the stud and push the stud through.

2.  Use the pliers to turn the prongs of the studs inwards and flatten to secure.

3.  Continue for entire area you wish to stud.  I did the top of both the back and front pockets where the material was thick enough to hold the studs.

Excuse the goosebumps! It isn’t really shorts weather in Scotland anymore.


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