DIY: The ‘Taylor’ Blazer

taylor blazer DIY amesstobemadex

There is a story behind this latest project, but it is a tad embarrassing, so bear with me.  Exam stress and the need to procrastinate led me to start watching The Rachel Zoe Project, which I quickly became obsessed with.  I also fell in love… with most of Taylor’s wardrobe, especially a black embellished blazer she wore in an episode from Season 2.  After some googling I found out that it was from Victor and Rolf, and as a poor student I could never afford it.  In most of the pictures it is impossible to tell what is used to decorate the lapels, but I figured something similar might be achieved using buttons or gems.  My mum then informed me that she had a large collection of vintage buttons lying around that seemed perfect for the job.  I snapped up a plain black blazer from the Topshop sale and some strong gem glue and got to work.  So, here is my new ‘Taylor’ blazer.  Hope you like!


blazer - what you need

What you need:

  • Strong embellishing glue
  • Big buttons or gems
  • Some small seed beads (not pictured)
  • A plain blazer

How to: 

step 1 blazer

1.  Lay the buttons out so you have a rough idea of where you want them to be and how many you will need.

blazer step 2

2.  Apply a generous amount of glue to the back of each button with a tooth pick and press them down onto the blazer.


3.  Once the entire blazer is covered fill the gaps with glue and sprinkle over the seed beads to give extra sparkle and secure the larger buttons properly.

blazer step 4

4.  Wait at least 24 hours for the glue to dry.  Some seed beads will fall off when you pick it up for the first time, but the rest should be secure.




PS. Lets all just ignore the fact that my t-shirt is really unflattering and that I look tired.  Thanks.

DIY Wrap Bracelets

DIY wrap bracelets - amesstobemadex

I made a ton of these bracelets using Honestly WTF’s tutorial during the summer and wore them so much that the coloured linen faded.  As my training day was cancelled today because of the snow, I figured it was a good time to make some more.  I wish I had more silver chain as I would happily wear these in every colour possible.  Erica has written a great tutorial with clear instructions and pictures.  As I ran out of chain I used some bead trim instead, not sure I like it as much, but it worked.  I also used hemp cord instead of waxed linen as it’s all I could find, but it seems to work just the same.

bracelet supplies -amesstobemadex


Here’s the finished result: