‘Things go glimmering’ Picture Frame

glimmering DIY

My theory is that when a whole lot of people get together in the best places things go glimmering all the time’ –  F. Scott Fitzgerald, ‘Absolution’.

I’ve become a wee bit Fitzgerald obsessed this year, and figured my room needed a little bit of him to remind me of the months I spent studying and writing about his short stories.  My mum received a silhouette cameo for Christmas, and also kindly bought home a cheap picture frame for me to dismantle, so we set about cutting out some letters and circles and this is what I came up with.  I definitely prefer it to the original glittery butterflies.


Basically, I took the frame apart and peeled the butterfly picture off the backing board.  I then re-covered the board with some black paper and decorated it with the letters and circles made using the silhouette cameo.

pulling apart frame

Simple, but I like it. (Also, the glass on the frame is so shiny it acts as a mirror and it was SO SO difficult to take pictures of).





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