BBC Good Food’s Chorizo & Apple Sausage Rolls

sausage rolls

Not everything I bake is covered in frosting or sugar!  These sausage rolls (featured in BBC Good Food Magazine, June 2013) caught my eye.  I love most combinations of savoury ingredients and fruit (pineapple BELONGS on pizza – don’t argue with me) and these do not disappoint.  The chorizo gives them a spicy kick and goes nicely with the sweet apple.


Knob of butter

1 eating apple (peeled and diced)

6 chorizo-style cooking sausages (skins removed)

Handful of parsley (chopped)

375g pack of puff pastry

3 tbsp apple sauce

1 egg (beaten)

Poppy seeds (for sprinkling)



1.  Cook butter and apple until apple is soft and set aside to cool.

2. Put sausage meat, apple and parsley in a bowl and mash together.



3. Heat oven to 200c.

4.  Roll out pastry (mine was pre-rolled, I just cut it in half) into a large rectangle and cut in half so you have two, thin strips of pastry.

5.  Spoon the apple sauce down the middle of the  two strips.  Lay sausage meat on top.  Brush egg on the edges.


4.  Fold over the pastry to enclose the filling.  Seal by pressing with a fork.

5.  Cut into smaller rolls.  Brush with egg and sprinkle with the poppy seeds.  Cut several small slashes into each roll.


6.  Bake for 25-30 minutes.  Can be served both hot and cold.

These disappeared so quickly! They would make a great Father’s Day treat as well.

IMG_2529 2




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