The Little Things (June) …

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but there is a lot making me happy at the moment.  Here’s some of the little (and slightly bigger things) making me smile this month…

1 year old

amesstobemadex is officially one year old today!  I’ve had such fun sharing my little projects with everyone over the last year.  It may not be the biggest or most popular blog in the world, but being able to escape into the world of blogging has been a great form of stress relief.  I’ve definitely become more confident taking photographs and having a place to show off what I’ve been working on has encouraged me to try and find the time to be creative every now and then.  I’ve loved all the positive feedback I’ve received and it’s been great getting to know other bloggers.  So thanks for reading!

little things

Having time to relax and to start reading for pleasure again.


Making the most of being done with uni work and living near the sea.  Enjoying myself with friends, booze, sand, bonfires and some actually lovely weather.  Scotland isn’t so bad sometimes.

uni work

And here’s something not so little that I can’t help but share. All my hard work paid off because I’m graduating with a First Class Honours degree.  I was also awarded the Minto prize for English.  Take that 4th year!

Here’s hoping the rest of the summer is as lovely.


6 thoughts on “The Little Things (June) …

  1. Where have you been, Messy Charlie? I saw your pretty, mustached face looking at me from my Likes List and realized I hadn’t heard from you in ages. Are you in hiding???

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