Halloween Crafts: ‘Pumpkin’ Carving


Sometimes, I actually have to remind myself that I’m not 10 anymore, but I can’t help it, I still get ridiculously excited about the holidays.  With Halloween fast approaching, I’m trying to find the time to put together a costume (so much more important than uni work and making money), which I will be sharing once finished.  In the meantime, I figured I’d share a cute little Halloween project I made a couple of years ago.

It’s a cheap alternative to a pumpkin and also makes the room smell really nice!

What you need:

  • An orange
  • A small, sharp knife
  • A tooth pick and green sharpie
  • A small tea light

How to: 

1.  Cut the top off and hollow out the bottom part of the orange, keeping the top for the lid.

2.  Carve your design into the orange.

3.  Colour the toothpick with the green pen and stick into the lid to create a ‘stalk’.

4.  Light the tea light and ta-da, a super quick and easy ‘pumpkin’.

(Just as a safety precaution, it’s probably best not to leave the lid on while the candle is lit in case it sets your house on fire – mine seemed fine while I took the pictures, but I wouldn’t risk a whole night)



Christmas Countdown 2: Brown Paper Wrapping and Glitter Name Tags


Pinterest got me loving the idea of wrapping Christmas presents in decorated brown wrapping paper this year.  I had imagined doodling all over my neatly wrapped packages with white pen.  Sadly, my only white paint pen had decided to dry up and I failed to find a white sharpie in any of my local craft stores.  I made do with a red paint pen and good old white acrylic paint and a paint brush instead, but the results aren’t as fabulous as I had originally imagined.  I’m still on the hunt for a white sharpie, but I’ll share what I’ve completed in the meantime.

No need for a how-to with this one, just doodle all over the paper and wait for it to dry then wrap.




Glitter name tag:

What you need:

  • A cut out letter (this one is for my brother because I’m sure he will never read this)
  • PVA glue and glue spreader
  • Glitter
  • Scrap paper to catch all the extra glitter
  • Hole punch
  • Colourful embroidery thread


How to:

1.  Print and cut out letter shape.

2.  Spread PVA glue all over the letter.

3.  Generously sprinkle over the glitter.IMG_2228

4.  Tap off excess glitter.

5.  Punch a hole for the string using a hole punch and string through colourful thread.

6.  Attach to present.


christmas countdown

Christmas Countdown

The holidays are coming and I could not be more excited.  I don’t think I’ve ever lost my love for all things festive.  To get in the spirit, I’m going to be posting a holiday craft or recipe each week.  So look out for my Christmas Countdown posts!