Drinks Trolley Makeover


I know, I’ve been a bad blogger recently.  But here is something I did a few months ago to make up for it.  We found this really old dusty drinks trolley in the attic and decided that it needed a makeover.



After a good sanding and a many, many coats of paint I finally got it to the bright turquoise colour I was aiming for.




Bedroom Makeover: Wall Art

I’ve recently painted my walls the loveliest shade of grey (insert 50 Shades jokes here), but there was something missing.  My room has a little cubby hole, where I used to have a mirror.  When I painted the walls, I took the mirror down but needed something to go up in it’s place.  I decided that some wall art would do the trick and found this dandelion one at Abode Wall Art.  I debated about getting it in black, but eventually decided upon charcoal grey instead.

I’m really impressed with the finished result.  For the price it was, I was expecting a shiny sticker that would just peel off and stick to the wall.  This one used a backing and a layer of transfer paper  to stick the separate parts to the wall.  Although the process took a bit longer, it defiantly was worth the time.  The transfer is so flat that it looks like it’s been painted on.  The charcoal grey colour ties in perfectly with the rest of my room and looks much more understated than it would in black.

It is never bright enough in my room  for well-lit photos, so excuse the poor quality of the pictures.

How-to: DIY Cork Coasters

I’ve already shared my cork stamps, but what I haven’t yet posted is what I actually used them for.  I needed a set of coasters for my room and seeing as I had a sheet of cork to spare I figured that would be the perfect material to make them from.  After a failed attempt at creating stripes on the coaster shapes (if someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong that would be great), I decided to flip them over and decorate them with my stamps instead.  For a project that I was about to abandon, I think they turned out pretty well.  Here’s how you can make your own:

What you need:

  • A sheet of cork board
  • Something circular to draw around (I used an old drinks coaster)
  • A craft knife
  • A sheet of felt
  • Stamps and ink for decoration
  • PVA glue

How to:

1.  Draw around old coaster or something the right size/shape onto the cork board.

2.  Cut around the template with a craft knife (it was pretty difficult to create a perfect circle, but I like mine despite being imperfect).

3.  Get stamping!

4.  Cut a slightly smaller circle out of the felt and attach to the back using the PVA glue.

Cute as a Button

As I recently posted the cork board transformation I thought I would share the button pushpins I made this weekend to decorate it with.  I thought the board was lacking something, and when I saw magnets decorated with colourful buttons popping up on Pinterest, I figured the same could be done for pushpins.

I simply glued a few spare buttons to the flat side of some plain pushpins I had lying around.  For such a simple, five minute project, I think they look great!

How To: DIY Cork Board

DIY cork board.

A couple of weeks ago, I helped my mum sort through my brother’s (incredibly!) messy bedroom.  While tidying, I came across an old cork bulletin board and claimed it for myself.  It was a little boring, and the blue frame didn’t match anything in my flat, but it had potential.


I revamped the old board by painting the frame a bright white and by adding stripes of the same colour.  I wasn’t sure if painting onto cork would work, but after a google search and finding this great post from The Happy Home I was reassured.

Here’s how I made it:

The frame had a plasticy finish, so I began by sanding down the frame so that the paint would stick to it.

sanded down.

I then measured the board and divided it up into sections to create the stripes.  I used masking tape to section off the bits that I wanted to remain cork coloured.

divided up into sections.

I then painted between the masking tape sections with bright white acrylic paint.  It took several coats of paint to properly cover up the cork.


While the stripes were dying, I also added several coats of the same paint to the frame.  I toyed with painting the frame a different colour, but decided that I preferred the uniform colour scheme.

Once the paint was dry, I carefully peeled off the tape to reveal the stripes.  I found that the paint bled a little, but not obviously so.

bright white.

And ta-da.  All done!  Here is the finished result:

hanging on the wall.

close up.

Simple Song Lyric Wall Art

‘I wish the world was flat like the old days then I could travel just by folding a map.  No more airplanes or speed-trains or freeways.  There’d be no distance that could hold us back’ – ‘The New Year’, Death Cab for Cutie

As I’ve just started a new job I’ve had very little time to do anything remotely interesting this week, so I’ve decided to share something that I made a while ago.  I wanted to fill an empty space on my living room wall, but didn’t have the funds to buy something.  Seeing as I had two plain canvases lying around I decided to use them to make some song lyric wall art:

I have to admit that I was once again inspired by a Pinterest find, these pictures, that were seemingly made by attaching wooden letters to a small canvas and then painted over with a neutral colour.  I loved the simplicity of them and the three-dimensional effect that the letters created, so I created my own version.

the finished product.

I couldn’t find wooden letters anywhere, but was able to find flatter, and much larger, cardboard letters (which were all mixed together in a bargain bin and look about 2 hours of searching to find).  I began by laying out the letters to spell out the lyrics and then just glued them on the canvases, waited for the glue to dry, and applied about 5 layers of acrylic paint to get everything to the same shade of white.

the arranged letters.

I am really pleased with the overall effect, although my inferior photos don’t really do it justice.  Such a simple technique really makes a big impression.  I’ve even had a few people thinking that I carved them!