Christmas Countdown ’13: Kraft Paper Bows


I don’t care if it’s still November, I’m feeling all Christmasy already.  To tidy up the presents lying about my room I decided to get wrapping.  I found the template for these cute paper bows, which cut out of kraft paper look great alongside my brown paper wrapping.


I used paint pens and Sharpies to decorate the cut out pieces before gluing it all together.  I then decorated the plain brown wrapping paper in the same way (a little squint, but lets ignore that) and I think it looks pretty good.


That’s one down, only heaps more to go!



DIY ‘bat country’ Mouse Mat


I did say that I would share what I did with the other cork pot stand – so here we go, a more manly mouse mat made as a birthday present (see my original one here)!  I’d like to mention that I have never read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, so I’m hoping that this is an alright representation.  This time I experimented by drawing on the cork with Sharpie instead of the acrylic paint I used on my own mat and I actually think it turned out better.  The mouse glides much more easily over it.






DIY Galaxy Print Shoes

galaxy shoes

I have been dying to have a go at tie-dying with sharpies ever since I stumbled across this awesome tutorial for galaxy print shoes.  It took a bit of effort to track down rubbing alcohol (which I discovered is called surgical spirit in the UK – and they sell it in Superdrug), but this was so much fun it was worth all the confused looks I received when searching for it in the shops.  I found a super cheap pair of white canvas trainers and got to work.

galaxy shoes supplies

Time for Tea has a great step-by-step tutorial that is really straight forward to follow.  It basically involves drawing on the canvas shoes with the sharpies and dripping over the surgical spirit (open a window – this stuff makes you dizzy!).  It didn’t seem to matter that I made some mistakes getting the technique right, as any ugly bits can be covered up with the next layer.


It is a good idea to start with the lighter colours and add the darker, brighter ones later.  It took about 6 layers to build up the colour, and you need to wait for the shoe to dry completely before adding subsequent layers.


Once dark enough, I added white spaces and stars with acrylic paint.  I used the end of the brush to create most of the big stars, and a toothpick for the really small ones.


I’m pretty much in love with these, but I haven’t worn them out yet as I’m afraid that the unpredictable Scottish weather will ruin them and I will end up with purple feet!




DIY Sharpie Mug

me and my ‘moustache’.

I’m an avid Pinterest user (read: completely obsessed).  While it is a great way to get inspired and to discover new projects I also find that I tend to spend hours pinning great ideas only to forget about them the following day.  However, I am determined that my time spent on Pinterest should not go to waste.  As it is finally summer and uni work is no longer taking up all my time I have decided to actually try a few of these projects.

I’ve been loving the look of the sharpie dishes floating around on Pinterest and also lusting after Urban Outfitters’s Moustache Mugs, so decided to combine the two ideas in order to make my own moustache mug using the Sharpie technique.

I followed the tutorial from A Beautiful Mess which basically calls for drawing on the dish with the Sharpie and then baking in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees  (180 Celsius).  I just printed out a suitable picture of a moustache to use as a template

Here is the finished result:

my finished mug.

Although the finished result is pretty successful (after baking the pen didn’t rub off), I’m still a bit iffy as to whether it will hold up to numerous washes so I have decided to use the mug to hold my makeup brushes where I can avoid washing it all the time.  I’ve since gone out and purchased Marabu Porcelain Painter Pens, which are supposed to be dishwasher safe, and I will definitely be trying this project again in order to make a more heavy-duty mug.