Christmas Countdown ’13: Kraft Paper Bows


I don’t care if it’s still November, I’m feeling all Christmasy already.  To tidy up the presents lying about my room I decided to get wrapping.  I found the template for these cute paper bows, which cut out of kraft paper look great alongside my brown paper wrapping.


I used paint pens and Sharpies to decorate the cut out pieces before gluing it all together.  I then decorated the plain brown wrapping paper in the same way (a little squint, but lets ignore that) and I think it looks pretty good.


That’s one down, only heaps more to go!



Christmas Countdown 6: Candy Cane Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping

I’ve always been a fan of the little personal touches, and seeing as I’ve already shared my decorated brown paper wrapping, I figured I would share how I’ve added a personal touch to my cards as well.  For the cards that I’ve handed out in person I attached a candy cane to each brown paper envelope using a bit of gold string.  Very simple, but festive and pretty.



christmas countdown